Exclusive web portal for healthcare providers. Offers 24-7 access. Provides a direct link between the provider and related departments. InnovaMD is the first Health Information Exchange (HIE) Hub in Puerto Rico with the ability to connect any certified electronic health record (EHR).



Health services providers have continuous and exclusive access to this portal to verify:


  • Patient eligibility for members
  • Payment history
  • Provider directory
  • CPT4, ICD-9, and HCPCS Codes

Additional functionalities:


  • Creation of electronic referrals
  • Online MSV
  • Downloadable formularies
  • Downloadable clinical guidelines
  • Downloadable news content
  • Electronic authorizations
  • Submission of claims with attachments



To register on InnovaMD, complete an electronic registration request available on our page, for which you will only require the following information:



    • Rendering NPI
    • Billing NPI
    • A valid email address