At the MSO we are also celebrating, as we join the celebration for the 20th anniversary of MMM. Our providers are an essential part of this important achievement.

These are another 20!

Because of you, our providers…
These are another 20!

Because of our anniversary celebration, we are highlighting the top practices among our providers network. Qualifications such as, services coordination, medical care qualities and the commitment to our member’s healthcare part of the list.

This is only a sample of a long list of healthcare professionals, committed to excellences and giving their best in order to keep high quality of services for the past 20 years.

We are proud to say: These are another 20


“I felt there was something wrong with my chest and, the next day, I was getting a pacemaker put in. Now I have a new engine!”

Don Fidel

“In a consultation with Dr. Torres, you feel safe, confident, as if it were another member of the family.”

Élida Colón