A health care model, consolidated in Puerto Rico, as an innovative alternative for the well-being of patients.

With the arrival of MSO in Puerto Rico in 2007, the organization has, today, become the pioneer in supporting medical practice through a coordinated health care network, based on a close relationship between doctors, patients, and complementary services professionals. 

It is an ecosystem of multiple resources and services, focused on the physical and emotional well-being of thousands of patients, through a network made up of 14,000 Medicare Advantage and Plan Vital (Multihealth) providers, 14 multispecialty clinics with an interdisciplinary team of medical specialists, and a total of 93 Urgent Care Centers throughout the Island. It is important to mention that, for oral health services, MSO has 1,000 dental providers and staff, representing almost 90% of the Island’s total dental providers.

MSO has innovative programs that provide the tools to support and elevate medical practice to a level of excellence, while delivering a better patient experience. Among them we can mention, In-hospital Management and its Golden Unit facilities, designed for patients and their caregivers. Currently, we have 6 units in the areas of Bayamón, Caguas, Manatí, Mayagüez, Santurce, and Ponce. Office Advantage Rewards, created to support medical office staff, has 2,963 medical offices and more than 5,000 participants registered in it, and the Medication Adherence Program (PAM), with more than 400 participating pharmacies. MSO has the two largest IPAS (Independent Providers Association) in Puerto Rico: Castellana Physicians Services and PHM Multisalud.

A success story, marked by important events.

We show them to you below:

MSO of Puerto Rico celebrated its trajectory and evolution of the past 15 years in a quarterly meeting with its IPAS medical groups. Here we share the video: